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Who We Help

Dr. Rosanne Metz adjusts a patientWe have a reputation for excellence in optimizing health and function, and minimizing discomfort and lack of vitality. Most people are aware of the many benefits of chiropractic care, but here are some of the issues that we excel in:

Cervico-thoracic dysfunction

Many of our practice members suffer from lack of movement during their workday, such as advertising executives, insurance professionals, general office workers and computer specialists. The strain of sitting at a desk all day often gives birth to a unique set of symptoms that affect the neck, upper back and shoulder area, including pain, poor range of motion, numbness and stiffness.


Although headaches are common, they are not normal. We see great results with those suffering from tension, stress and cluster headaches, as well as migraines.

Sleep Problems

Many of our practice members may visit us for a different reason to start, but after receiving regular adjustments with us, they notice an improvement in their quality of sleep.

Joint Pain & Muscle Aches

Whether you’re dealing with age related muscle and joint pains or an injury that isn’t healing properly, our team can help get you back on track when it comes to living a normal, pain free life.


When you’re dealing with sciatic nerve pain, chiropractic care can be focused to target the nerve and release tight muscles and pressure, resulting in less pain for you.

Heightened Immunity

Find yourself falling ill frequently? Chiropractic care works to balance your nervous system, which plays a big role in how well your immune system functions. When your nervous system is free of disturbances, you may notice heightened immunity.

Sports Injury

Dr. Metz holds certification in Advanced Neurofunctional Sports Performance. Combined with specific chiropractic treatment, we can help those seeking to recover from injury, as well as assisting those looking for maximum sports achievement and execution.

Shoulder Immobility

We have a solid reputation for excellence in the treatment of shoulder discomfort and lack of mobility. We’ve found that the combination of skillful chiropractic care combined with high-tech neurofunctional acupuncture bring about successful resolutions.

Pregnant Women

Did you know that we offer care for pregnant women? Instead of dealing with the pains and strains that often come with pregnancy, we can help your body and pelvis remain balanced every step of the way. Many women notice an improvement in labor and delivery when under chiropractic care.

Our tools and expertise are at your disposal. Whether you’re having problems with overall vitality or specific dysfunctions,
we can help. Contact us today for a convenient appointment!


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