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I can tell you without hesitation that I am better in all six categories and continuing on the path to my optimum Happy Body. I hope you will join me!
— Dr. Rosanne Metz

How I Got Started Down This Path

In 1999, I decided I was going to walk to work everyday. That one decision has likely allowed me to walk about 22,000 extra kilometres!!! I could have easily taken the subway or driven, but on a dime, I made the decision to walk come rain or shine, snow or sleet. My body has thanked me in spades for that one decision. Even though I was walking daily, I had been noticing that I started to lose some muscle mass in the second half of my 40’s and was actively looking for a way to increase my strength & muscle. I am an avid podcast listener and was introduced to the Happy Body on this Tim Ferriss podcast on March 15, 2017.
>>Listen to the podcast here.

That very day, I bought Jerzy & Aniela’s book “The Happy Body” (on my phone!) and started sequence one exercises the following day. I have been doing them daily since that time. I also wrote to Jerzy asking if he had an online course for me to take and I had the pleasure of studying with him and 4 other people from around the world every Monday morning for three months. I am now a certified Happy Body Mentor.

Want to Feel More Relaxed, Flexible and Strong?

The biggest goal in the program is what Jerzy calls “triple happiness”. You are going to have to read his book to find out how to attain it!

Beyond triple happiness, the 6 Primary Goals of Happy Body are:

1. Flexibility
2. Strength
3. Speed
4. Leanness
5. Ideal Body Weight
6. Good Posture