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Chiropractic Care in Downtown Toronto

Chiropractic Adjustment

We use a number of highly effective adjusting techniques to restore health and optimize energy, focus and vitality. Through patient-centered care, our approach is intended to reduce nervous system interference and improve the body’s adaptability to stress. The primary adjusting techniques we use include

Neurofunctional Acupuncture

At Park Road Healing Arts we also use an advanced technology called neurofunctional acupuncture to maximize your results and produce long-lasting resolution. This painless system involves gentle electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves to help promote self-regulation of the nervous system.

We pride ourselves on our customized approach to care. Your treatment protocol can vary from visit to visit, depending on your general state of health, age, history of injury and your typical rate of responsiveness. We also welcome the opportunity to act as your “guide” to lifestyle change and health optimization. We are current in a broad spectrum of health-related research, and share our knowledge freely with our practice members.

Discover the Park Road Healing Arts Difference

Your treatment outcome is paramount to us. We’re known as a heart-centered practice that focuses on the unique needs of every practice member. Make an appointment today to see us; you’ll love our warm and welcoming chiropractic office!

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