Downtown Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Rosanne Metz offers her patients excellence in wellness care, with a particular emphasis on the unique needs of those in the arts, including musicians, artists & actors as well as those in the workplace including office workers, computer specialists and teachers. Her chiropractic office understands the emotional & physical tensions involved in today’s demanding and often stressful environments, and the particular issues facing those who “sit” for a living.


Her mission is to provide an oasis of peace and emotional nourishment for every person who walks through her door, while attending to their physical needs and challenge. Dr. Metz’s chiropractic office has been described as patient-centered, warm, and inviting. She features techniques that are safe, gentle and effective, as well as research-based and scientifically-validated.

In addition to Dr. Metz’s well-respected chiropractic approach, she also emphasizes state-of-the-art neurofunctional acupuncture, which is invaluable in the self-regulation of the nervous system. This powerful combination of protocols allows Dr. Metz to help athletes of every description, not only in recovery from injury, but in heightened sports performance. This protocol also helps those who want the best function from their bodies achieve that.

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28 Park Road, Toronto, Ontario


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A diverse array of other practitioners – including a naturopathic doctor, massage and spiritual therapists – also practice under the Park Road Healing Arts roof, providing patients with the unique opportunity to benefit from multi-disciplinary healing in one location.


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